Wow I haven't touched this thing since I made it, I think it's time for an update so here's the first project from my illustration class this year.  The assignment was to illustrate a phobia in black and white and I got chronophobia (fear of time/death)

figure stuff

here's the longer figure drawings from my intermediate figure class

Here's a bunch of figure drawing's from freshman year at college

This is a project from my summer job as an artist for Trader Joe's (an chain of organic grocery stores). My boss wanted herself and another manager as cows to go above the dairy case. It's Liquitex Basics on foamboard and it's going to get cut out when finished. I originally had her squirting her udders to create a milk wave for the other guy to surf on but that got nixed do to the store being family oriented. So instead I opted to have her kicking over a bucket of milk for the other dude to surf on with a stick of butter. This was also my first time painting black skin and was a lot harder than I thought it would be.


I was hanging out in the game room at Hofstra and for some reason they had a closet full of canvases and absolutely horrible acrylics that looked like they hadn't been touched since the college opened, so I decided I might as well make use of the free stuff and here's what I came up with in a little less than an hour