Very exciting news. Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Sarasota on 9/30 to give a lecture. My college sent out a call for entries for students interested in painting a portrait for Mr. Clinton. I was informed on 9/22 that I was the chosen one! Tomorrow is the big night so I've got to clean my self up. I had invested about 3 days into the portrait before I realized that everything was wrong with it so I scrapped it and started anew. Here is the finished second version.


30 portraits in 30 days: 6

here's tonight's portrait: General Lee's Lament (acrylic, ink)

30 portraits in 30 days: 1-5

I'd say it's about time for an update. Things have been really busy at school, much more so than I had expected, but that's a good thing. I'm currently working a rather epic project, 30 portraits in 30 days with a different medium for each one. They are, in order: Henry VII (red conte, vine charcoal), Louis CK (graphite, gouache), Lil' Wayne (coffee), Achilles (charcoal, halloween blood), and Frank Frazetta (watercolor, b/w ink)