Olympic Beer Pong Table under paintings

Alright the under paintings are done-ish


started Zeus

this evening we have the beginnings of the Infamous Adulterer, Zeus


pong table progress

did the chick and Cerberus this evening

Mythic Pong Table

This is the start of a folding 8' x 2.5' beer pong table that my friend's and I built.  The theme is "Olympic Beer Pong" so on one half we have Hades and on the other will be Zeus.  Here's the start of Hades.  I think his left hand might be too big even with foreshortening.  My goal is to have it done by this Sunday, so there will be updates every night.


1 hour portrait demos

Here's a couple of portraits that I did as demos for my booth.  The first is William Tecumseh Sherman (graphite) and the second is John Bell Hood (charcoal).  They were famous civil war rivals incase you were wondering

My 1st bad business experience and 1st street fair

Let me start by saying that things have been really busy as of late.  I was supposed to be teaching at the Art League of Long Island, but they let me know the DAY BEFORE I'm supposed to start teaching that the class is cancelled.  I can understand that with the economy the way it is, but not giving me a heads up until the 11th hour really pissed me off.  So in order to scrape some money together this sumer I've decided to try and peddle my wares at a few craft fairs.  I just had my first craft fair on Sunday.  It was the Hicksville Street Fair.  The week leading up to it was one of the busiest of my life.  On top of the nonstop errand running to get all of my booth materials together, I'm also in summer classes from 10am-2:30pm mon-thurs.  Luckily I got everything together just in time.  The event itself was a mostly a learning experience.  I encountered an unforeseen factor in the constant gusts of wind.  I also realized that the signs advertising my prices were WAYYY too small.  The crowd was also pretty low-brow and seemed more interested in Egyptian bed sheets ("One for 20!  Three for $50!" is all I heard for the better part of the day lol) than art.  The next show that I'll be attending is in a much more affluent area so hopefully I'll have better luck.


My good friend Jerry found a couple of cheap leather bound flasks a while ago.  I finally got around to painting one today.  It's acrylic sealed with mod podge.  Just in time for July 4th ;)

Look at those tree trunks!

A very big congratulations to my best friend Nick D'Agostino for placing 2nd in the heavyweight division of his first bodybuilding competition.  Not bad for only 20 years old.  I can't wait to use him for reference.  He's on the left in the blue speedo.  The other guy's face is teh lolz

I finished this portrait of my uncle a couple of weeks ago.  acrylic