So that whole art craft fair thing turned out to be a real bust.  I did two more shows in very affluent areas and the crowds were dismal and nobody was buying.   Even the other vendors who were selling more conventional things couldn't believe how bad the turnouts were.  I made just enough to break even on the rent and figured I'd get out of that whole business while I'm ahead.  On the bright side I managed to get booked for a couple of gigs to do caricatures.  Since I haven't really done caricatures before I figured I'd better practice before showing up hahaha.   So here's a couple of practice pieces, all done with a Faber-Castell PITT big brush pen on 11x17 Canson Biggie paper.  I've been timing them to songs so each is less than 5 minutes which is way quicker than what I thought I was gonna do.  Needs more practice though...

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